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Shaw-nae is honored to be a guest panelist at the awesome life changing woman’s empowerment event “YOU ARE THAT WOMAN’ PRESENTED by Jeri B. Shannon If you wish to grab an autographed copy of Shaw-nae’s new book “Between You & I” or hear her speak to the women about being a strong, powerful and determined woman on the move powered by passion and God. Hurry and get your tickets to the one day event in New York City. July 20, 2019 9am - 4pm Follow Shaw-nae at therealshawnae

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The Brunch Between You & I - Tour

Bring your “whole” self to a brunch that will heal the mind, body and soul. Dope food and drinks, served over a copy of the newly released “first” book “Between You & I” by therealshawnae . You will enjoy an open conversation over a fabulous five star brunch with others in search of their truth.

This is an engaging, soul searching, honest and safe space event that is destined to change lives. Break Bread and Mend Your Soul to be Whole.

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Shoe Shoe & Lemonade Radio & Podcast

Listen in LIVE with Shaw-nae aka “Shoe Shoe” on her live radio show and developing podcast at MakerParkRadio.nyc you will have the pleasure to listen to live interviews with creative passionate professionals throughout Staten Island and abroad. Follow the ShoeShoeandLemonade page on Instagram for guest information, recaps and more. Check out Shaw-nae on her IG Page for updates, current affairs and motivation therealshawnae

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